Week 3 Summary

I felt that this week had some of the most difficult but interesting assignments that I had to complete. I really enjoyed using audio software and creating my various recordings. I had struggled in the beginning of the week with using the software, and completing my audio assignments, but the more I practiced, the better I got. I learned several techniques from the required videos and recordings that I applied to my own assignments that helped strengthen my own recordings, such as layering my audio and adding music.

The first audio assignment I completed this week, I had to create my own 15-30 second radio bumper, which is basically a signature intro to a radio station. I had a lot of fun with this assignment, because I used to really want to have my own radio station and work as a disk jockey. I chose to use the instrumental from the popular rap song “1 Night” by Lil Yachty, because I really like the beat and there is a nice break in the middle of the song which worked perfectly for what I was trying to do. I also used an application on my phone called Rap Horn to add some funny sound effects to my audio track. For this assignment I used Garageband to record and edit the audio, mainly because I am very familiar with the program and I already had it installed onto my computer. I went to Youtube and searched the beat that I wanted to use for my track, and I copied and pasted the link into onlinevideoconverter.com  to download the instrumental and once it was downloaded I put it all together on Garageband and posted it to Soundcloud. You can view the assignment here.

My second assignment I did this week was the required one, I had to tell a story only using sound effects. I was watching the show Cops when I started the assignment, and I was inspired by what I was seeing on T.V. I decided to make my story about a robbery and a police chase. I used the website freesound.org to get all of my sounds, and I used the program Garageband to put it all together. I really enjoyed doing this assignment, I had a lot of fun with it. You can view it here.

The third assignment I completed this week was to create my own mixtape, I really enjoyed this, and I decided to make a work out warm up tape. I went a little overboard with the songs and made my mix over thirty minutes long, because I really enjoyed making it. All of the songs stick to the general theme of getting pumped up. You can view it here.

For my final audio assignment this week I had to record myself ordering fast food from a restaurant using some sort of accent. I chose to use a British accent because my Mother’s side of the family are all from England, so I thought it would be fun to mimmic them. I also decided to order from McDonald’s because it is my favorite fast food chain. For this assignment I used Garageband to record the audio. This was definitely the easiest audio assignment I did this week. You can view it here.

For my first daily create this week we had to start with one word, and create a new word by changing one letter at a time. I tried to work my way down to a smaller word, and once I made it to a two letter word, I worked my way up to another seven letter word. For my second daily create this week I was tasked with taking a picture of something that is dominated by a single color, and I was in my basement at the time when I was completing the assignment, and I decided to take a picture of my wall, mainly because I really like the shade of gold. For my third daily create this week, I had to take a picture of something improvised, so I decided to take a picture of my makeshift clothes dryer. My dryer is currently getting fixed, so I have been hanging my clothes on a pull up bar and I placed a fan right in front of the bar to help dry out my clothes. My final daily create this week was to annotate an ancient text, and I decided to add some Game of Thrones quotes to the text because the new season starts tonight and I’m very excited for it. I used aviary.com to edit the picture. You can view them all here.

I really enjoyed listening to this podcast, I thought it was really well done. The use of eerie music and layered audio really helped to set the tone for the entire podcast, it really helped to keep me hooked. The entire podcast seemed very believable, I liked how they added static to the dialogue to make it seem like the astronauts were talking with radio, it made the recordings seem real. The use of the eerie music helped to add suspense to the recording, and helped to keep me interested. There was so much attention to detail in this podcast, they had added so many sound effects like camera clicks or the static over the radio. The main thing that I took away from listening to this podcast was how to layer audio, and how layering audio helps to keep the listeners hooked, and I will be using these techniques in my assignments this week. You can view the assignment here.

I thought that Ira Glass did a very good job breaking down the fundamentals of storytelling. He really explained the differences between audio and written storytelling. In the first video he talked about how audio and written story telling have completely different outlines. For example written outlines start out with a topic sentence backed up by a few facts, but with an audio outline you usually start with an anecdote which really helps to draw in listeners. I really enjoyed listening to the Jad Abumrad interview on “How radio creates empathy”, he talked about how with audio storytelling it’s up to the listener to come up with the image in their head of what the storyteller is talking about. The storyteller has to provide points to the listener that will help them imagine what they are talking about. This is very different from visual storytelling, because with visual storytelling they just show you the image of what they are describing. You can view the assignment here.

I picked up some useful techniques from the Ted Radio Hour, such as how to use various sound effects to help draw in listeners, or how music can really help to make the recordings more interesting. I really learned a lot from these recordings, and I applied the techniques that I picked up to my audio assignments. The most useful technique that I learned was to layer my audio, it helps to make the recordings seem more lifelike and interesting. The ScottLo recordings were also very helpful with my audio assignments, ScottLo discusses various ds106 assignments, and he does a good job explaining what needs to be done. He discusses challenges that students have with the audacity program and how to fix their issues, I found that this was very helpful with my audio assignments. I realized that I had some of the same problems that the student did that ScottLo was discussing. You can view the assignment here.




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