ScottLo and Ted Radio Hour

I found that these recordings were very helpful with creating my audio assignments this week. I picked up some useful techniques from the Ted Radio Hour, such as how to use various sound effects to help draw in listeners, or how music can really help to make the recordings more interesting. I really learned a lot from these recordings, and I applied the techniques that I picked up to my audio assignments. The most useful technique that I learned was to layer my audio, it helps to make the recordings seem more lifelike and interesting.

The ScottLo recordings were also very helpful with my audio assignments, ScottLo discusses various ds106 assignments, and he does a good job explaining what needs to be done. He discusses challenges that students have with the audacity program and how to fix their issues, I found that this was very helpful with my audio assignments. I realized that I had some of the same problems that the student did that ScottLo was discussing.


Author: jbelodeau


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