Daily Creates Week 3

For my first daily create this week we had to start with one word, and create a new word by changing one letter at a time. I tried to work my way down to a smaller word, and once I made it to a two letter word, I worked my way up to another seven letter word.

For my second daily create this week I was tasked with taking a picture of something that is dominated by a single color, and I was in my basement at the time when I was completing the assignment, and I decided to take a picture of my wall, mainly because I really like the shade of gold.

For my third daily create this week, I had to take a picture of something improvised, so I decided to take a picture of my makeshift clothes dryer. My dryer is currently getting fixed, so I have been hanging my clothes on a pull up bar and I placed a fan right in front of the bar to help dry out my clothes.

My final daily create this week was to annotate an ancient text, and I decided to add some Game of Thrones quotes to the text because the new season starts tonight and I’m very excited for it. I used aviary.com to edit the picture.



Author: jbelodeau


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